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I know from personal experience that we can carry trauma from our family / our ancestral lineage and the effects this can have on health and wellbeing. Whether we have personally experienced trauma or not science now understands that we can be affected by previous generations.

Not only can this affect us psychologically but also physiologically too. It can rewire our HPA axis - meaning that we can have a lower threshold to dealing with stress and stressful events as well as impairing metabolism. The trauma that occurred can leave traces on the brain, the gametes and organs. It's through the gametes that the trace imprints can be passed on to future generations (Nature Neuroscience 2014).

Our own experiences in Childhood and relationship with our parents can unknowingly hold us back in living the life we want. Which is why I've always been fascinated by what Marine does.

She's a family constellations facilitator, Integrative coach, Reiki practitioner, author and motivational speaker. Originally from Paris, Marine now lives in New York. It was whilst living in Miami and during a period of feeling lost and confused in life that she got introduced to Family Constellations by her mentor Michelle Bletchner. After getting amazing results for herself, Marine decided to become a facilitator.

Marine, first things first. What is Family Constellations?

Each family has a heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. We share the same stories, names, bloodline, roots and cultures. An invisible thread links us all together and through this we can feel things we may never have even personally experienced, themes and traumas. Our negative behaviours and situations are often entangled with our family system dynamics that have yet to be recognised and unless addressed can be passed on to further generations.

Family Constellations is a way to break this continuing behaviour / theme. It allows us to see the unknown patterns at work in our family. With this new awareness, we can free ourselves from the entanglements, behaviours, blocks and repeated patterns to find new ways to navigate. Family Constellations is a process of rebirthing, getting to the best version of ourselves. It will help to bring love back into our life, mind and body so we can live the life we want.

so, it's actually a healing modality that may help address and heal adverse childhood events? In addressing old wounds in the family dynamics, you can improve your own physical and emotional wellbeing?

Every time with every client, I've witnessed this. Maybe one day I will meet the exception... What we have to be aware of is that over the generations, children are recruited by the family system to bring the family back into balance. A child can be seen to be another try to resolve anything that was not acknowledged in previous generations. This process whilst unconscious is very real in the family system. By acting like our parents, either in repeated patterns or similar behaviours; it's our inner child that's trying to 'fix' its family. As my teacher Suzie Tucker likes to say 'every child is the next best chance for the world', so for the family the child's purpose is to bring back the order of love into the family. Which is unfortunately a heavy weight to carry.

In Family Constellations we are able to drop this heavy weight and release any unconscious patterns that hold us to this early designated mission. Plus, this approach heals our inner child. We have to remember that as an adult, our role is to nourish and protect our inner child. If our inner child is still sad, angry disappointed or frustrated then we will be too. By healing that part of us we can drop our pain and finally be free.

wow, so what normally happens during a session?

Honestly, a lot of tears! Normally we get new insights and a better understanding of our past, our toxic / negative behaviours and what has been or still is blocking us. A new perception takes place in a loving and safe space. A sense of lightness, relief and belonging as well as a new strength, determination and awareness regarding the kind of life we deserve to be living. Along with a furious desire to be happy and not settle for less than we deserve!

what do you love most about what you do?

The relationship with my clients and being witness of their transition. Their trust is a privilege and I'm always so proud and moved when one of my clients is ready to fly on their own.

what empowers and nourishes you?

My work, family, friends, whole foods, cooking, meditation, New York and Love! Love is my essence, as long as I'm in love I feel empowered.

How can people connect with you?

For a session, you can find me in Brooklyn, NY or via Skype. You can find all my up coming events here

I'm the author of the book The Movement

My website is Marine Selenee  Instagram Marine Selenee and Facebook you can find here