plastic free July

You may have read the news that scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans. This month there has been a campaign to build even more awareness, in particular to refuse single use plastic during July (and obviously beyond). I've been taking part in Plastic Free July so I wanted to share how I've been reducing the amount of plastic I use even more. I'm definitely not an expert zero waster but I really try and do my part, hopefully this will inspire you to make small changes too. Here's a few of the simple changes I make on a day to day basis.


Ditch the plastic and invest in a canvas bag that you're happy to use instead of, or as well as your normal handbag. I have a few but my absolute favourite has to be my linen monogrammed one from Rae Feather, I use it pretty much everyday. It washes so easily I'm not afraid to use it for plenty of dirt covered vegetables

As much as I can I pick up fruit and vegetables that aren't packed in plastic and use brown paper bags if I'm buying things like broad beans / peas / mushrooms. I choose glass bottles over plastic but am yet to find bulk items of dried staples like rice and gluten free oats that are packaged in paper not plastic. If anyone knows of any in the North I'd love any recommendations. You can buy bulk in Wholefoods if you live in London).


So much of our plastic consumption comes from the many take away coffees and lattes we all love. Not only are the take away plastic lids are not great for the environment but the steam from the hot drink can leach from the plastic lid and drip back into your beverage contributing to hormonal imbalances. I bought this stainless steel bottle 5 years ago from Dean and Deluca and have used it nearly everyday since. Yes, the lid is still hard plastic but it's a much better option for me than take away coffee cups and lids. All cafes will fill this for any drinks I take out and quite often I get a discount for using it. You can pick something up very similar at places like TK Maxx.


Millions of straws are used and thrown away each day, a high majority ending up in the oceans. It's one of those truly unnecessary throw away items that we can easily refuse, if not there are eco straws you can invest in.



I reuse all my glass containers and use them for everything. From overnight oats, salad jars, pesto, storing gluten free grains, herbs and tea to making deodorants and juices.

For larger quantity food storage I often use glass containers from Ikea


If you're travelling around a lot and often find yourself relying on pit stops for food, investing in a stainless steel Spork will eliminate the need to use plastic cutlery.


After hearing such great reviews I've just ordered some Bees Wrap reusable food wraps. This is the perfect alternative to wrapping your food in things like cling film, aluminium foil or plastic sandwich bags.

Photo credit: Bees Wrap

Photo credit: Bees Wrap


I use this refillable filtered water bottle from Aqua Sanitas. It's made of stainless steel and contains two natural mineral filters to filter and alkalise the water, you can read more about it here. It's great to fill up on the go although it is a little on the heavier side compared to other water bottles it's one I really like.


After posting all of this, one of my favourite shops has now put together this Zero Waste kit!

You can find more of my plastic free bathroom essentials here