Thank you for pausing whatever it was you were doing to check out my new space. I'm Clare, the face behind the words and images of Jigsaw Nutrition.

My passion and aims with this space are simple;

~ To inspire calm in a world that keeps demanding more and to cultivate wellness by slowing down, becoming more conscious and more aware of our choices.

~ To share the things I have experienced and learnt on my own wellbeing journey. Tools that have been invaluable and have expanded my view on what it means to be well.  

j n . p h I l o s o p h y

My philosophy is 'nourishment for the whole self'. Finding beauty in the simplicity of food, herbs, nature, art, beauty, connection, self awareness and our body's inner compass to nourish our whole self: body, mind and soul. This is predominately a journal and collection of ideas and things that enhance wellness. We're all weaving our own wellness journey and that's the beauty, take what resonates, leave the rest and create what feels good to you. You can read more thoughts about wellness here


b a c k g r o u n d

My background is Art, Nursing and Nutritional Therapy. My health journey so far has taken me via many health and life challenges; trauma | anxiety and depression | digestive issues | acne | adrenal dysfunction | bereavement and separation. It's all these experiences that have shaped my view on health and wellbeing. I share this because moving through health issues whilst experiencing life's major and minor events isn't easy. Whilst there are many perceived differences, at the core we have more similarities than not and support can be found in that.


* I am not currently taking individual clients but do have many connections with other nutritional therapists and health practitioners, please feel free to get in touch with me to see if there is someone I can recommend who would be a good match for you.



be inspired .

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None of the suggestions mentioned on this website 'Jigsaw Nutrition' are a substitute for medical advice so please always seek out professional advice from your doctor or qualified health professional first.